Hey Team!

I'm all about building relationships. I love meeting new people and photography is an exciting space to spend time with so many more of you than I ever thought possible. 

I picked up my first camera from the perspective of an actor needing a little extra gear to film his auditions. It wasn't long before I realized that taking photographs of other people was way more fun than looking at my own stupid face on a video. As I traveled the country for my acting career, it became clear that this passion had developed beyond the traditional boundaries of a hobby. More importantly, my ongoing experience in the entertainment industry gives me a unique insight into how photography can change people's lives. A good headshot gets you likes on social media. A Great headshot gets you in the room to book the job. A good picture gets texted to friends and family, while a great picture gets framed, displayed, and cherished. I'm all about taking great pictures, I just need you. 


Matthew Helfer

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